Student Poetry Prize

An annual student poetry contest is held in conjunction with each year’s Wallace Stevens Poetry Program. First, second, and third place cash prizes are awarded. Prize winners read from their work at the annual program, and winning poems will be published in Long River Review.

Deadline: December 10, 2018

Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students from the University of Connecticut’s main and regional campuses, except previous first place winners.

Guidelines: Your submission should consist of two documents: 1) A cover sheet using this format; 2) a MS Word document containing your poems.  Your MS Word document should be 5-8 pages of poems (cleanly typed, only one poem per page). This can be up to 8 short poems, or several longer pieces. Your student ID number should appear on every page (your name should only appear on the cover sheet). Please submit these two documents via e-mail to with the subject line, “Wallace Stevens Prize.” 

Prizes: $1,000 (first); $500 (second); $250 (third)

Past Student Prize Winners